Your Mistress Can

Come To You

In our country rarely will you come across a beautiful, elegant, intelligent & independent pure Dominatrix like me. 

To earn this privilege you must understand the value of my time, and you must be willing to pay for this exclusive experience.

This is your chance totally submit to me, be my servant, slave, waiter, masseur, chauffeur, tour guide, sissy bitch, dog, toilet and whatever else I want to use you for.

Travelling always has been one of my favorite hobbies. I love discover new cities, cultures, learn about their history, people, doing sightseeing, trying local food. My past travel pictures can be seen in my twitter handle @sarajeswal (17k + followers).

Indian Mistress, BDSM Mistress in India, Delhi Mistress, Bangalore Mistress.

To organise this :

Indian Mistress, BDSM Mistress in India, Delhi Mistress, Bangalore Mistress.
  • Contact me by web form or email me at requesting this experience. 
  • If I am convinced with your email, will get back to you from my number 9971***126. I understand a Prior discussion on call is compulsory to know each other.
  • For such special sessions minimum duration is 4hr or longer .
  • Make sure you are 25 +,well established ,you maintain hygiene and have no medical issues .
  • If we agree about our BDSM preferences and limits. you will need to send me 35% of the tribute to my account. which we will discuss on call. 
  • You will arrange my flights & hotel room (I only stay in 5 hotels). The hotel room must be in my name and proof of confirmation of payment must be sent to me /  You just do a simple step- send the appropriate travel expenses directly into my bank account so that I can book myself without disclosing anyone’s privacy .
  • Advance is non-refundable, If  session is cancelled from your side but if you wish to reschedule the session to some other nearest date, you are legible.

Once you have met all these conditions. I will come to you, and I’ll be willing  to organise the game around your schedule.